Welcome to Lakeside Trees and Stumps, your trusted tree-care specialists in Sorrento. Nestled along the stunning Northern coastline of Perth, Australia, Sorrento is a picturesque suburb, known for its natural beauty and stunning beaches.  

At Lakeside Trees and Stumps, we understand the importance of maintaining the health and aesthetic appearance of your trees and with our expert arborists and comprehensive range of services, we can easily cater to all your tree lopping, pruning, and removal needs in Sorrento.

Tree Lopping in Sorrento

Check out our tree lopping services in Sorrento: 

  • Professional Tree Lopping: Our skilled arborists are equipped with the knowledge and tools to safely and efficiently remove tree branches (or entire trees if necessary).
  • Enhancing Tree Health: Tree lopping, when done correctly, can help improve the overall health and vitality of your trees by removing dead or diseased branches, and promoting new growth. 
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Our tree lopping services can enhance the appearance of your landscape by shaping and trimming trees to create a balanced and visually appealing environment.
jacaranda tree

Tree Pruning in Sorrento

Check out our tree pruning services in Sorrento: 

  • Precision Pruning: Our arborists specialise in the fine art of tree pruning, carefully removing specific branches to improve tree structure and promote healthy growth.
  • Disease and Pest Management: Tree pruning plays a crucial role in preventing the spread of diseases and controlling pest infestations by removing affected branches.

Safety and Clearance: Pruning ensures that trees are properly maintained, reducing the risk of falling limbs and providing clearance from structures, power lines, and other obstacles.

Tree Removal in Sorrento

Need a tree removing in Sorrento? 

  • Safe Tree Removal: Our experienced team can safely remove trees of any size or condition, utilising industry-approved techniques and equipment.
  • Emergency Tree Removal: In the event of storm damage or a hazardous tree, we provide prompt and efficient emergency tree removal services to mitigate risks.
  • Site Clean-up: We take pride in leaving your property clean and tidy after tree removal, ensuring that all debris and wood are properly disposed of (including our stump grinding service for a complete finish).

Our Arborists Servicing Sorrento

Our expert arborists are proud to serve Sorrento residents: 

  • Expert Knowledge: Our certified arborists have extensive knowledge of tree species and their specific needs, allowing them to provide tailored solutions for your trees in Sorrento.
  • Experience and Skill: With years of experience in the industry, our arborists possess the expertise and skill required to deliver top-quality tree-care services.
  • Safety First: We prioritise safety in all our operations, adhering to industry standards and best practices to ensure the well-being of our team, your property, and the surrounding environment.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service, striving to exceed your expectations with our professionalism, reliability, and attention to detail.

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    At Lakeside Trees and Stumps, we are committed to the care and preservation of trees in Sorrento. Whether you require tree lopping, pruning, removal or stump grinding services, our team of certified arborists is here to assist you. 

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