Tree Stump Grinding & Removal Perth

Had a tree removed and the tree stump is still hanging around? Or perhaps you’ve just moved in to your new home and the previous home owners didn’t get around to it? Either way, manually attempting to remove a tree stump is time consuming and exhausting work.

If you have tree stumps around your property, they need to go for a number of reasons. Tree stumps cause a tripping hazard, limit your landscaping options, can spread new sprouts contributing to new tree growth as well as potentially attracting insects (particularly termites).

Using top quality stump grinding equipment, our team of Perth tree service specialists can quickly and efficiently grind tree stumps of any size down to 500mm below ground level which will erase the tree stump from sight, eliminate trip hazards and make that area of the ground fit for repurposing/landscaping.

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    The team at Lakeside Trees and Stumps are the specialists in tight access stump removal Perth, with compact machinery able to fit through smaller, more narrow areas, we’re often called to the job because other’s machinery simply can’t access the area where the stump is.

    If you need a complete Perth stump removal from the ground (deeper than 500mm), we’ve got the experience and specialised tools to safely and efficiently clear the stump’s base from the ground leaving only the roots, which will then decompose over a few years.

    If you’re in need of a highly professional stump grinding service in Perth, get an obligation free quote from Lakeside Trees and Stumps now!