Jacaranda Tree Pruning Perth

Jacaranda trees are renowned for growing incredibly quickly. This rapid growth might seem as though it is an advantage, however, this results in the branches often having soft and easily damaged wood.

When approached properly, pruning a Jacaranda tree can strengthen it by limiting the growth to only well-shaped side shoots from a single trunk. Our expert arborists will examine young saplings and select a strong central leader. These leaders will be stems that grow upwards instead of out. The leaders will also have bark. We will then mark the leaders and remove the others, and it will then become the main trunk of the tree. This is something that you will have to do every three years for the first 15 to 20 years of the Jacaranda’s life; removing the competing leaders. Yes, it is quite a commitment! Thus, having a long-term plan in place for pruning your Jacaranda trees is recommended. Lakeside Trees and Stumps will gladly assist you with this process as we understand that it can be rather overwhelming.

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    Our Jacaranda Tree Pruning

    The next step in the Jacaranda tree pruning process is thinning the canopy. We will remove any branches that grow less than a 40-degree angle to the trunk. This is because these branches aren’t securely attached to the tree and are the most likely to break off in heavy winds. We will also make sure that the branches are spaced out enough so that they each have plenty of room to grow and subsequently reach their full potential.

    When we remove branches, we will do so by cutting them back to the collar where they attach to the trunk. This is important as you should never leave a stub. Once the canopy is looking fresh and healthy, we can then neaten it up a little bit.

    Another key part is removing the spindly stems that grow from the previous pruning cuts and any shoots that grow directly from the ground. It is these types of growth that can ultimately detract from the shape of the tree and drain the essential energy that the Jacaranda tree needs for healthy growth and blooming. It is also important to cut back any dead and broken branches that appear throughout the year.

    When is the Best Time of Year for Pruning a Jacaranda Tree?

    The best time of year for pruning your Jacarandas is during the winter month as this is before any new growth begins. The tree flowers on new wood and by trimming in late winter, it stimulates a vigorous new growth of large and plentiful blossoms. This strong new growth will encourage the flowering to take place earlier in the season. Just remember that pruning after the spring growth begins can lead to poor flowering, so you must consult your local arborist before committing to pruning your tree by yourself.

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    Again, if you are interested in our Jacaranda Tree pruning services, then please do not hesitate to contact us. It is a complicated process for a tree that requires a very specific style of care. When done properly, your Jacarandas can look absolutely stunning and live a long and healthy life.