Different kinds of trees require different kinds of care. If you have cocos, date, traveller, or cotton palm trees, you know that there are particular needs that each of these species has with regard to maintenance and pruning. In addition, if you need to have trees removed entirely, you should definitely look for specialists like us to take care of the job for you. 

At Lakeside Trees and Stumps in Perth, our professionals have intimate knowledge of each of these tree types, and we have many years of experience in helping people prune and remove them, when necessary.

Cocos Palm Tree Pruning & Removal in Perth

If you have cocos palm trees, you know that their long leaf plumes can be particularly difficult to manage. Cocos leaves have a short lifespan and require frequent pruning. Cocos palms are also quite tall – as high as 20 metres – so pruning cocos palm trees requires the help of seasoned professionals.

Removal of cocos palm trees can also be complicated. At Lakeside Trees and Stumps, we have many years of experience in both pruning and removing these trees. We can help you carry out the job efficiently and professionally

Date Palm Tree Pruning & Removal in Perth

Date palms also have particular characteristics and pruning needs. These types of palm trees are easily identified through their fruit, which of course are dates. The dates are oval, about 1-3 inches in size, and are bright yellow or red. These trees grow up to 25 meters and require special attention. To properly maintain a date palm, pruning (removal of dead fronds and seed pods) should be carried out on an annual basis to prevent falling branches and fruit, and also to stop pests that might nest in it such as rats, snakes, spiders etc. 

The professionals at Lakeside Trees and Stumps can take care of all these processes for you and also assist in the removal of a date palm tree entirely if needed. 

Traveller Palm Tree Pruning & Removal in Perth

Traveller palms only grow up to about 9 metres. They take their name from the east-west alignment of their branches, which are said to take the form of a compass. While traveller palm trees generally require less maintenance than other types, it is advisable that root suckers be removed from their bases when they form. This prevents leaves from forming at the base and causing the trees to look unattractive.

Our professionals are available to assist both pruning and the removal of traveller palm trees whenever you need.

Cotton Palm Tree Pruning & Removal in Perth

Cotton palms grow up to 25 metres. With their characteristic fan-shaped leaves, cotton palms require that fronds be removed once they turn brown so as to maintain an attractive appearance. Furthermore, excessive seed pods need to be removed in order to keep them from littering the surrounding area.

Again our team is ready to assist with any cotton palm tree pruning or removal services should you require them.

We Will Handle All Your Palm Needs

With Lakeside Trees and Stumps, you can be confident that all of your palm tree pruning and removal needs will be taken care of, and that no undesirable waste will be left behind.

Our experienced team knows the characteristics of all these palm species very well, and we are fully equipped to carry out any pruning or removal job, regardless of its complexity.

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