Yucca Tree Removal Perth

Yucca trees are gorgeous, though they are notorious for being an absolute pest. It’s not uncommon for them to branch too close to and damage utilities, topple over walls, and buckle fences – particularly when they’re left to grow without any regular maintenance. 

If the Yucca tree on your property is becoming a hazard that you’d rather do without – or if you simply don’t like the tree and would like to have it removed entirely, then Lakeside Trees and Stumps is at your disposal! 

We have a significant amount of experience in the industry and have felled and removed a large number of Yucca trees (of all shapes and sizes), which means we can make light of yours as well!

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    Hassle-free Yucca tree removal services in Perth

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that felling and removing a Yucca tree without the help of a professional arborist will be easy. In fact, tree removal in general – particularly without the proper training, tools, and experience – can be highly dangerous. What might begin as a seemingly cheap alternative could end up costing you far more than you’d intended. 

    Not only that, but Yucca trees have expansive root systems that are incredibly difficult to clear without the appropriate machinery. So, while you might be able to cut down the tree itself and remove it, you’ll be left to contend with a nasty stump and a long-established root system that is unwilling to budge! 

    The good news is that Lakeside Trees and Stumps have a team of expert arborists who can not only fell and remove your Yucca tree safely and efficiently but thoroughly as well. This means grinding down that stubborn stump and removing the dense root system as well.

    Yucca tree lopping services

    If you are somewhat attached to your Yucca (despite it being a nuisance) and would rather not have it removed, then we do offer a Yucca tree lopping and cutting service. This means that we can tend to its size and ensure that the branches are kept at a safe distance from neighbouring properties and nearby power lines and utilities.

    While they can be a pain, if maintained properly and with expert care and attention, Yucca trees can actually be a wonderful addition to any garden. 

    Whatever you decide, whether it be to have the Yucca tree removed from your property completely or to simply have it reduced in size and tamed, then please do not hesitate to contact Lakeside Trees and Stumps today. One of our friendly representatives can offer their expert advice and help you find the ideal solution to your situation.