Cutting Your Trees in Perth With Lakeside

Here at Lakeside Trees and Stumps, we afford extra care and consideration to the trees that we tend to for our customers in Perth, so if you are looking for a professional service delivered by expert tree surgeons, then you’ve come to the right place.  

As our tree cutters are all qualified arborists, we are well-versed in identifying the “root” of the issue and prescribing the best treatment for problematic trees, rather than simply cutting them down and removing them altogether 

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    Arborists in a tree
    Arborists in a tree

    Tree felling & removal services

    When one thinks of “tree cutting services”, the first thing that tends to spring to mind is somebody felling a tree with a chainsaw.  

    Our role as tree cutters and surgeons is not only about removing dead, dying, and nuisance trees; we’re also in the business of saving trees as well.  

    We do this by keeping them healthy and carefully cutting away the dead and dying branches which are detrimental to the tree itself and its future growth 

    This is called pruning 

    Pruning is an essential tree cutting method that is intended to not only restore a trees aesthetic appeal (too many wild & unruly branches can be an eyesore), but to keep them happy and healthy too!  

    Whether it be a couple of branches becoming intertwined or a simple case of dead and dying branches posing a health hazard, pruning is the best way to keep the tree in check.  

    Cutting away at the canopy (Trimming or shaping)  

    Another tree cutting service is trimming (or shaping). As the name suggests, canopy trimming is the process of carefully cutting away the excess foliage and encouraging it into a cleaner and more manageable shape.  

    This is especially ideal for those of you who are looking to tidy the trees on your property and keep them at a similar shape and size. Reducing the canopy is another great way of ensuring your trees can experience strong future growth, as it will allow more sunlight to pass through to the branches below.  

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