Arborists in a tree

Tree Trimming

However, tree pruning is also performed to avoid creating hazards to yourself, your family, others in the community as well as to prevent damage to your home and public infrastructure such as overhead powerlines.

Pruning your trees is not something you should undertake yourself and in most shires/councils, it is an offence to perform tree trimming unless you are either employed by the council to do so or are a licensed professional, such as Lakeside Trees and Stumps.

Tree Services Perth

Everything you can imagine for tree care and more. Lakeside Trees and Stumps has trained and certified people, the right equipment and a dedication to doing the job well. From the moment you call, to final approval of the finished project, you will be given a fair quote, you will be kept informed and you will receive the highest quality of work with the utmost respect for your property and safety.

Arborists in a tree
cotton palm tree pruned

Palm Tree Removal

Panting palm trees were very popular in the 1980’s in Perth and as a result, a lot of properties now have fully matured and extremely tall palm trees that are high on maintenance. Because palm trees are often too tall for a homeowner’s general maintenance, they often go without maintenance and end up in poor condition. Dead or dying trees, and trees with infestations such as the European Borer, can be a safety hazard with the potential to damage and devalue your home or property.

Matured palm trees are extremely tall and specialised high climbing equipment and experience with cutting and lowering sections is required to safely remove the palm tree in order to avoid any damage to your property and even your lawn. We’re also more than capable of grinding down or completely removing the tree stump to avoid an unsightly and hazardous leftover of your removed palm tree.

Complete Stump Grinding

Lakeside Trees and Stumps offers a tree and stump grinding service for both residential and corporate customers – specialising in narrow access work.

Our team acts quickly to get rid of unwanted stumps of any size, from anywhere on your property. Lakeside Trees and Stumps are equipped with the latest top-of-the-line stump grinding equipment that gets the job done fast, efficiently, and without causing any damage to your property.

Our machines grind tree stumps down to 0.5 metres below ground and are highly portable, allowing us access to practically anywhere. Whether your tree stump is up on a condominium rooftop or between tightly-spaced homes, our stump grinding equipment (which can fit through a standard gate) will get the job done.

Hedge Trimmer Shaping
Arborists in a tree

High Climbers

Our High Climbers are experts in the field, and part of a small but professional hard-working team that rises to any challenge. High climbing is not at all recommended as a DIY activity, so talk to the experts at Lakeside Trees and Stumps for an honest assessment about difficult and high trees.

Garden Pruning

Pruning bushes and trees are essential to maintaining their health as well as keeping an orderly look to your home. Pruning is not as simple as most people thing and improper garden pruning can lead to weakened branch structure and irregular regrowth patterns.

Lakeside Trees and Stumps have a skilled Perth garden pruning team who can expertly trim and shape hedges for a desirable look whilst keeping your garden in prime condition. Best of all, we always tidy up and take all waste away which we then usually grind down to be repurposed as high quality mulching product.

hedge trimmer
holding soil in hands

Garden Mulch

Lakeside Trees and Stumps supply premium quality garden mulch to Perth’s metropolitan area at affordable prices. Because we’re always lopping, trimming and taking waste away from trees and bushes, we’re never in short supply of completely organic, high quality garden mulch that we’ve ground down ourselves. No additives or any extra bits and pieces, just 100% chippings to keep your garden moist and green throughout the year.

If you’re looking for a particular type of wood or colour of mulch, let us know. In the case that we don’t have the type of mulch you’re looking for readily available, we can keep your details incase we take down a tree that would produce that type of mulch in the near future.

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