Emergency tree services Perth

Perth has some of the most intense weather in the world – from a searing summer heat that can cause massive bush fires, to huge thunderstorms that arrive in the wake of tropical cyclones up north. During these bouts of extreme weather, it is not at all uncommon for trees to come down; often damaging private property or becoming a public safety hazard. When a storm hits, Lakeside Trees and Stumps are the specialists you need to call.

car crushed by tree

Our emergency services are available 24/7 and our team are the best in the business at ensuring a safe and efficient clean-up operation. We will remove any damaged or fallen trees, clean any mess and neutralise any immediate threats to safety. No one is ever expecting a tree or its branches to come down, so when it happens it can be both a shock and an inconvenience. If a tree falls through a window or lands on a car it can do costly damage, and while we can’t wave a magic wand to undo this damage, we can clean up the area, remove all branches and debris, and assess the rest of your property for any future potential risks.

fallen tree damages brick wall

When a tree, branch or debris hits power lines, the results can be disastrous. Aside from the loss of power to the premises, a live power line can be fatal. It is highly recommended that a property owner does not try to handle this situation themselves, but instead call the emergency services. While this will take care of fixing the power line itself, it won’t help clear your property of mess or possible future threats. That’s when you need to call Lakeside Trees and Stumps. Our team will be there as fast as possible to clean and secure your property.