Norfolk Island Pine Tree Removal Perth

Are you looking for a quality Norfolk Island pine tree removal service in Perth? Then Lakeside Trees and Stumps will gladly accommodate you. We understand just how messy and frustrating pine trees can be, which is one of the biggest causes for people wanting to have them removed.

Yes, Norfolk Island pine trees are incredibly beautiful and fragrant, but for those who like having a clean garden that they can run around in barefooted, a pine tree can be a terrible nuisance. Norkolk Island pine trees create a messy yard as the cones and needles fall to the ground in great numbers. Whilst the debris does smell delicious, they are sharp underfoot and on top of that, the white gum sap from pine trees can stain your clothes and damage the surface of nearby cars. Whilst there are ways of removing Norfolk Island pine tree sap, if you’re not too attached to the tree and you’d rather rid yourself of the problem altogether, then we offer a thorough pine tree removal service in Perth.

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    Growing Plants Under Pine Trees

    Unfortunately, growing plants under Norfolk Island pine trees can be incredibly difficult due to the lack of sunlight that makes it through the dense canopy of needles and cones. In addition to that, the tree depletes the soil underneath of moisture, making it almost impossible for smaller plants to thrive as they are constantly starved or water.

    If you want to grow more plants in your garden but you have a large pine tree, then you may struggle. So, in this instance, the best course of action will be to have the pine tree removed altogether. In addition to being able to grow some beautiful plants in its place, you’ll no longer have to rake the garden to clear away the nasty pine needles that create such a mess.

    Pests and Disease

    To be honest, a healthy Norfolk Island pine tree will be able to survive most pests and diseases, however very few trees can stand up to blister rust. If you suspect that your tree is diseased or dying, then you can contact your local arborist to come and inspect the tree for you. If it is too far gone, this will be a good time to have your pine tree removed before the disease spreads to the rest of the neighbouring plant life.

    Thorough Norfolk Island
    Pine Tree and Stump Removal in Perth

    At Lakeside Trees and Stumps, we have long been removing trees of all sizes. So, no matter how big or small the job is, we will be able to remove the Norfolk Island pine tree from your property safely and effectively. Not only will we carry out a thorough clean up so that there are no pine needles littering your garden afterwards, we can even grind and remove the stump. This will leave your garden perfectly clean and clear for you to replant, or to simply enjoy the extra space without having any pine needles stick in your feet!

    For more information, or to book your no obligation quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us today.