Palm Tree Removal Perth

Panting palm trees were very popular in the 1980’s in Perth and as a result, a lot of properties now have fully matured and extremely tall palm trees that are high on maintenance. Because palm trees are often too tall for a homeowner’s general maintenance, they often go without maintenance and end up in poor condition. Dead or dying trees, and trees with infestations such as the European Borer, can be a safety hazard with the potential to damage and devalue your home or property.

Matured palm trees are extremely tall and specialised high climbing equipment and experience with cutting and lowering sections is required to safely remove the palm tree in order to avoid any damage to your property and even your lawn. We’re also more than capable of grinding down or completely removing the tree stump to avoid an unsightly and hazardous leftover of your removed palm tree.

Only trust a highly professional and experienced palm tree removal company such as Lakeside Trees and Stumps. Lopping palm trees is not only against the Australian Code of Practice but it’s also highly dangerous to both your property, your family, infrastructure such as power lines and anyone else that could come under its path when brought down.

Not looking for your palm tree to be removed? Don’t worry, we’re also highly skilled at the maintenance and growth control of palm trees.

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