Hedging Your Trees in Perth With Lakeside Trees and Stumps

Hedges in Perth can act as an ideal natural barrier for your home and garden. This is perfect for not only protecting your privacy but for additional security, making it harder for people to access your property from the rear. Of course, as handy as they are, they do require a little bit of maintenance and general upkeep in order to keep them ship-shape!  

If you have a hedge in your garden (no matter how big or small) and you’d like a professional arborist to manage it for you, then Lakeside Trees and Stumps will gladly assist you. Here’s everything you need to know… 

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    What Are Tree Hedging Services?

    Simply put: tree hedging services involves maintaining and tidying the hedges on your property. This could be a simple case of trimming them, shaping them, or pruning them to remove any dead or dying branches.  

    If you have a hedge in your garden that has been left to its own devices, then the odds are that its grown a little wild and could do with a bit of love. Our professional arborists can come to your property and effectively tidy your hedge up on your behalf, thus restoring your garden to a clean and beautiful aesthetic.  

    What are the Best Trees for Hedging?

    If you haven’t got a hedge in your garden but you are thinking about growing one, here are some of the best trees that we would recommend for hedging in Perth:  




    Lilly Pilly  


    Callistemon Wildfire

    These certainly aren’t the only options that you have for hedging, but they are the most popular for their hardiness, resistance to disease, and comparative ease of pruning. In other words, they will require the least maintenance going forward! 

     Why Is Tree Hedging Maintenance So Important?  

    Tree hedging services are important because maintaining your hedge properly from the outset is crucial in helping you to establish the shape that you want.  

    By properly maintaining your hedge, you can keep it happy, healthy, and with a strong and beautiful aesthetic appearance. Crucial for keeping your home looking tidy, secure, and private.  

    Our Perth Based Tree Hedging Services Are Impeccable  

    Anyone can trim a hedge with the right tools, but the quality of the finish is a different story entirely. Shaping a hedge properly and keeping it looking nice and tidy requires a keen eye and a steady hand. Fortunately, our arborists have a significant amount of experience in this area and can have your hedges looking absolutely stunning in no time.  

    The process is simple: contactus today and arrange an obligation-free quotation. Once you are satisfied, our arborists will come around to your property at a time that is most convenient for you, and then get to work. Our service is fast, efficient, and affordable. When we are finished, your hedges will look a million dollars!