Perth Based Cherry Picker Tree Lopping With Lakeside

At Lakeside Trees and Stumps, we take great pride in our ability to tackle even the tallest of trees. We are able to do so by using an elevated work platform (EWP / aka. Cherry Picker). This piece of equipment enables us to work at the greatest of heights in complete safety, so that you don’t have to worry about shimmying your way up a tree with a hacksaw by yourself.  

The tallest of trees can be a nightmare to fell and are otherwise required to be cut down section by section. Our team of arborists are able to do with comfortably at such heights with our EWP. Attempting to do this by yourself is exceptionally dangerous and we strongly advise against it.  

At Lakeside Trees and Stumps, we have everything we need to be able to tackle any tree-related task required of us, no matter how big, small, or seemingly impossible.  

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    Expert Cherry Picker Tree Services

    The wonderful thing about having a cherry picker at our disposal is that we are able to reach even the most evasive of trees. Let’s say for example that a large tree is branching over into a neighbouring property, or over a body of water; our cherry picker will allow us ease of access so that we can proceed to prune, lop, or remove the tree altogether. Whatever is required of us, the cherry picker allows us to reach the greatest heights, and work with speed and precision in safety, for your convenience.  

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    Tree Lopping from an Elevated Work Platform in Perth

    Tree lopping is dangerous as it is without having to do so at great heights. Thus, having a stable elevated work platform to operate from is an essentiality. This enables us to make short work of a tree lopping task, without putting anyone in any unnecessary danger. Too many times do we hear horror stories of people falling out of trees or damaging their property due to working at unsafe heights without the proper equipment to allow safe accessibility.  

    Using an elevated work platform or cherry picker, we can cut a tree down to a safe enough size to fell. By cutting a tree down in sections, we can then fell the remaining body of the tree without running the risk of having a large tree crash through your neighbours’ roof.  

    For more information regarding our tree-related services and EWP access, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We’re always happy to help and look forward to receiving your call.