We all know that there is a time for pruning, a time when it is too late, and often you just don’t have the time to do it yourself at all. If you have a gum or eucalyptus tree in Perth that needs pruning or removing, the arborists at Lakeside Trees and Stumps are here to help.

The names eucalyptus and gum tree are used interchangeably by many people, and indeed in Australia, the majority of gum trees here are eucalyptus trees. They make up a huge percentage of this country’s flora, and are one of our most recognisable trees.

For assistance pruning or removing this staple of Australian scenery, look no further than Lakeside Trees and Stumps.

Gum Tree or Eucalyptus Tree Pruning Perth

There are a huge number of gum trees in this country, and there are many varieties of species that can sometimes need to be taken care of in different ways. If you need help pruning your gum or eucalyptus trees in Perth, we are happy to help make a plan and carry it out for you right away.

You may wish to have your eucalyptus tree pruned for a number of reasons, and we can help in every case.

Pruning to alter the height

If you are looking to restrict the height, size or growth of your plant, we can pollard the tree and coax it to remain the size you want without hard pruning. If you hard prune many types of tree, it can actually encourage more offshoots and more growth. We can steadily and carefully prune your tree for you to achieve your desired height in no time.

Pruning to your desired shape

While eucalyptus trees are indeed recognisable in general, that doesn’t mean you want yours to be known for being overgrown or untidy. At Lakeside Trees and Stumps, we can prune any lower branches to make it easier to walk underneath. We can also shape your tree as you desire and keep it that way with regular visits in the Perth area.

Pruning to remove dead, dying or diseased branches

One time when it is essential to prune gum trees, or really any trees for that matter, is when they have diseased or dying branches. Leaving these in place could lead your entire tree to become infected or to start dying. Leaving dead branches can draw a lot of energy from the rest of the plant and hinder growth among other issues. If you notice any signs that your gum tree has any dead or dying branches, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Gum Tree or Eucalyptus Tree Removal Perth

There are many reasons why it may be time to say goodbye and remove your eucalyptus or gum tree. There could be issues with power lines, you could need the space for your garden furniture or to grow something else. Or you may even have a variety of gum tree that can be harmful to animals at times. 

Whatever your reason for gum or eucalyptus tree removal in Perth, Lakeside Trees and Stumps are happy to help. We can efficiently and effectively remove your gum tree, and remove any worries about it that you have along the way.


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