Ficus Tree Removal Perth

The Ficus tree is an undeniably beautiful tree, one which can be a wonderful addition to the outdoor space of your home. That being said, as beautiful as the Ficus tree is, it can be an absolute nuisance to look after.

If you have a Ficus on your property that you no longer want, then Lakeside Trees and Stumps can be of assistance. Our Ficus tree removal service in Perth is available to residents who no longer wish to have Ficus trees on their property.

But, why would you want to get rid of your Ficus tree? Again, as mentioned above, they have a tendency to be a nuisance. Here’s why…

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    What are the most common problems with Ficus trees?

    Ficus trees are highly sensitive to change. This means that during a sudden drop in temperature, or being watered too often can result in the Ficus dropping some or all of its leaves.

    Mealy bugs: These pests look like little balls of cotton and they suck all of the moisture out of the Ficus, which can be a nuisance.

    Scale: Small black bumps can appear on the trunk of your Ficus, causing health issues for the tree.

    Leafspot fungus: If the leaves on your Ficus are starting to turn yellow and fall off, it could be Leafspot fungus which is a serious condition that can be fatal for the tree.

    Oozing sap: Mealy bugs are quite a common cause of Ficus trees oozing sap. This too can lead to the death of the tree if not treated properly.

    Anthracnose: Similar to Leafspot, Anthracnose has rusty spots on the leaves and stems which will need to be treated.

    Professional Ficus tree removal Perth

    As you can see from above, the Ficus can run into a number of problems along the way, making your life difficult. If you are tired of having to care for the tree and would sooner be without it, then we offer our professional Ficus tree removal services.

    We take great pride in our professionalism, offering an unparalleled Ficus tree removal service. When you invite strangers to your home, you need to be able to feel confident in the fact that they will treat you and your property with the utmost respect.

    At Lakeside Trees and Stumps, we make a point of hiring and training only the finest candidates to represent our brand and business. This means that when our arborists turn up to remove the Ficus tree from your property, it will be done swiftly, cleanly, and with as little disruption to your day as possible.

    In addition to that, we can even remove the stump for you with our stump grinding service. This will mean that there are no unsightly and dangerous tree stumps left on your property once we are through.

    If you’d like to find out more about our Ficus tree removal service, or any of the other ways in which we can assist you, then please do not hesitate to contact us today.