Pruning Your Palm Tree in Perth With Lakeside

So you have stunning palm trees on your Perth property that you wish to keep happy and healthy?

What they will need is regular pruning. In fact, for the optimum results, we recommend that you have your palm trees pruned annually at the very least.

If they are not maintained properly and left to their own devices, your palm tree can become rather dangerous. Debris will fall and damage surrounding property and can even cause injury at any times.

In addition to that, an untended palm tree can even become the perfect nesting area for rodents and other pests.

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    Removing Berries, Husks, and Seed Pods When Pruning Your Palm

    If you don’t like the look of the palm tree on your property when they have seed pods, berries, and husks, then you can have them removed. Seeds are able to develop at any time and will leave a mess and even can become hazardous. We will gladly come out to your property at any time and remove them for you as part of our Perth based tree pruning service.

    Pruning Dead Fronds on Your Palm Tree

    Another good reason why your palm trees need pruning regularly is the dead or dying fronds. These can fall off at any time. If they fall in areas that are frequently populated by people, you could end up with an accident on your hands. You also want to ensure that the tree remains healthy after the safe removal of the dead frond, by using our palm pruners you are engaging with a safe and professional arborist’s delicate touch.

    Keep Your cool with Palm Tree Pruning in Perth

    There’s something uniquely beautiful about seeing palm trees. It’s tropical and exotic and it makes you feel as though you’re far away in some luxury resort. But Palms can leave your property a bit messy and it can be a big job cleaning up after them, but with a regular palm pruning, your Perth property will stay clean and beautiful.

    If you want to save time, effort, money, and ultimately avoid the headache of having to deal with unnecessary injury or damages, then now is the time to have your palms pruned by professional and qualified pruners.

    Simply contact us today and we will gladly assist you.