The fiddlewood tree is one of the most attractive trees that you can find in Perth. It’s vibrant and varied foliage boasts an array of beautiful colours throughout the year, and its small white flowers offer a delightful fragrance that makes a wonderful addition to any garden in summer. These trees may be pretty and tough, but they aren’t the easiest plants to prune and care for.

Fiddlewood trees require careful trimming and pruning from the start, and mistakes here can cause damage to the tree’s growth and future health. But have no fear, Lakeside Trees and Stumps are here to help…

Fiddlewood Tree Pruning Perth

Our fully licenced team of experts have the skills and the knowledge to care for your fiddlewood tree. These trees need pruning for so many reasons, including to improve the health and growth of your tree. Diseased and dying branches may need to be removed to preserve the rest of the fiddlewood tree, and waiting too long can lead to disaster.

Fiddlewood trees are also prone to low spreading, meaning that these trees need careful pruning from the start to encourage good growing habits. If you want your fiddlewood tree to look as fantastic as possible, contact us to get your tree on the right track. We can work to encourage one main trunk to develop, giving your tree a better look as well as a healthier growth in the future.

Tree cutter pruning of tree

Fiddlewood trees have gorgeous foliage that can change from a bright green to an orange-salmon colour, drawing the eye of anyone nearby. Our team of professionals can have your trees looking their very best in no time, brightening up your garden while encouraging your trees to thrive. Don’t leave these beautiful trees to fade into the background, contact us to help them shine.

Your fiddlewood tree will require regular pruning to keep it at its best, and for so many Perth residents the time and effort involved can be too much. Pruning also has to be carried out in the right way at the right time. Otherwise you can risk actually harming your tree, and causing damage and even the death of the plant. 

Our highly skilled arborists are experts in all of Perth’s flora, including fiddlewood trees. We know exactly how to best care for your trees, and to do so efficiently and effectively, without any hassle for you.

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    Fiddlewood Tree Removal Perth

    From time to time, whether through the death of the tree, where it is planted or other circumstances, it is necessary to have your fiddlewood tree removed. When the situation calls for it, look no further than Lakeside Trees and Stumps to take care of all your tree removal needs.

    Fiddlewood tree removal can be hazardous and demands only the best fully trained and licenced arborists to carry it out. Our experts have the experience and skill to remove your fiddlewood tree safely and quickly, leaving as little trace as possible when we are done. 

    Topping out at 12-15 metres, fiddlewood trees can reach impressive heights, and require people trained in working at height to remove them. With Lakeside Trees and Stumps, you can rest assured that your trees and your garden are in good hands. If you have a fiddlewood tree that needs pruning, or that is in need of removal, contact us for an excellent service at the best price…