Frequently Asked Questions

What suburbs do you service?

Lakeside Tree and Stumps services all of the Perth’s major suburbs right up to Two Rocks.

How do you prune/remove the tree?

There are several ways tree pruning or removal can occur, and the method used will depend on circumstances such as the tree’s condition, species and location. Cranes and bucket trucks are sometimes used, but the overwhelming majority of tree work is conducted by climbers using specialised climbing and rigging equipment. Climbers access the tree, secure themselves, and use rigging lines to safely lower limbs and wood.

Do you remove all prunings and cuttings?

We always treat our customer’s homes as if they were our own. All prunings and cuttings are either put through the chipper on-site or removed completely.

Can you make my tree smaller?

Pruning a tree to make it smaller (known as ‘topping’) is ill-advised, particularly on a large growing tree, and should never be done except in rare cases where it is necessary to preserve the tree. Topping a tree causes an immediate serious injury by removing too much live growth, and creates long term health and structural problems. If a tree is in good structural condition it should not need to be made smaller.

An exception is when a tree contains structural defects (splits, cavities, poor unions) that could be corrected by reducing the overall size of the crown. Done correctly, a ‘crown reduction’ type of pruning could add years of life to a valued tree.

What does 'stump grinding' mean?

Firstly, ‘stump’ refers to the portion that remains visible when a tree is removed to ground level. ‘Stump grinding’ refers to a method of stump removal where a stumping machine is used to grind a stump to fine wood chips.

Do you provide free quotes?

Quotes within the Perth Metro are free. However, there may be a fee involved if a diagnosis or assessment is required.

We listen to our customers

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