Are you looking for tree removal and tree lopping services in Scarborough? If so, then you’ve certainly come to the right place! Lakeside Trees and Stumps have long been serving the people of Scarborough and maintaining the gorgeous natural landscape. We believe that by lopping and removing trees, we can effectively maintain a healthy balance. It is one of the most important aspects of caring for our environment. Tending to trees and ensuring that they remain safe and healthy for the other surrounding wildlife.

Why Tree Lopping In Scarborough

For example, if a tree dies or becomes pestiferous with disease, then it can pose a serious health risk. This is both to anyone who comes into contact with the tree (dead branches may fall and cause injury), or by spreading to other, healthy trees. This is something which should always be avoided at all costs. And of course, there are other reasons why you may wish to get a tree removed, such as a tree getting in the way of a new extension or construction project on your property. There’s no reason to go it alone! Simply give Lakeside Trees and Stumps a call and we’ll come and fell and remove your tree in the Scarborough area.

Our Scarborough Tree Removal Services

In addition to tree lopping and removal, we also offer stump grinding which is an incredibly important service. These pesky stumps remain and nuisance and are very difficult to remove without the proper equipment. Fortunately, we have stump grinding machines which are perfect for the safe, efficient and minimally destructive removal of a left-over stump. For more information, simply contact us today and we can assist you.