While Mount Claremont may have previously been known as “Graylands”, it is a pleasant suburb rich with plenty of luscious greenery. If you are a resident in the Mount Claremont area and you’d like to keep the trees and plant life on your property looking exceptional and in keeping with the beautiful landscape, the team at Lakeside Trees and Stumps is at your service.

Our expert arborists can help you with all things tree-service related. Let’s take a closer look at the various services we have to offer in your area…

Tree Lopping in Mt Claremont

Not to be confused with tree pruning; tree lopping in Mount Claremont is a service recommended for residents who are looking to have a tree reduced in size. This is a more extreme form of pruning that focuses less on the health and well-being of the tree and more on the overall size and aesthetic appeal.

For example, if a tree on your property is blocking some much-needed sunlight or is perhaps branching a little too close to a neighbouring power line, then our tree lopping experts can accommodate your needs.

jacaranda tree

Tree Pruning in Mt Claremont

Tree pruning is an essential form of tree care maintenance. Whether you have young shrubs on your property that need guiding, or you have an older tree with warped or dying branches that must be carefully removed, our expert arborists can make short work of it for you.

When executed well, tree pruning can not only transform the overall appearance of a tree, but it can also promote strong and healthy growth in the future.

Tree Removal in Mt Claremont

Do you have a tree on your property that has become too much of a nuisance to properly maintain? Or perhaps the tree is dead and you are worried about it becoming a health hazard in extreme weather conditions?

Whatever the case, the team at Lakeside Trees and Stumps offer a thorough and efficient tree removal service in Mount Claremont.

In addition to the fast and safe felling and removal of your tree, we can also grind and remove the unsightly stump afterwards – thus leaving your property clean and hazard-free.

Don’t attempt to remove a tree on your own and seek professional assistance to ensure that no damage or injury is caused unnecessarily.

Our Arborists Servicing Mt Claremont

But there’s more! Our practicing arborists can assist you with all things tree-care and maintenance related. For example, if you have a number of trees on your property and you would like us to start an annual tree pruning plan, we will gladly assist. Or perhaps you have an unrecognised tree that you suspect may be a protected species; having it successfully identified before you take action is always recommended.

If you have any questions regarding our services, or you’d like to request a no-obligation quotation, simply contact us today and one of our team will happily help you out.

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