Tree Lopping, Pruning and Removal Services by Arborists in Joondalup

Joondalup is a gorgeous green suburb in Perth, Western Australia. If you are a local resident in Joondalup and you are in need of arborist services to keep the trees on your property happy and healthy, then Lakeside Trees and Stumps is at your service. 

We are a full-service arborist company offering an extensive variety of tree care and maintenance solutions. Whatever you need, whether it be tree lopping, pruning, stump grinding or tree removal in Joondalup, you’ll find our services to be fast, effective, and affordable. 

Here, we will tell you more about the various services you can choose from…

Tree Lopping in Joondalup

Tree lopping in Joondalup is the ideal service for any property owners who have unruly trees that are either growing too large, blocking your sunlight, or branching dangerously close to neighbouring power lines or a property. 

Our expert arborists can carefully lop back the branches of your tree, effectively reducing it in size and eliminating any potential hazards now and in the future.  

Just be sure not to confuse tree lopping with tree pruning as they are very different practices…

Tree Pruning in Joondalup

Tree pruning on the other hand, is the art and science of tripping the dead, dying, and misshapen branches from a tree in order to prevent strong future growth. When left to their own devices, trees can grow wild and unruly and when certain branches become crossed – or diseased – it can be detrimental to the rest of the trees health and structural integrity. 

Simply call us today and our arborists will carefully tend to your trees, ensuring that they are in the best possible shape and condition. 

Tree Removal in Joondalup

If you are in need of tree removal in Joondalup, let Lakeside Trees and Stumps take care of your needs. From operating heavy machinery at heights, to effectively grinding and removing the stumps afterwards, our tree removal services are thorough and efficient from start to finish. 

We understand the temptation to save money, borrow a chainsaw, and try to fell a tree yourself, however, bear in mind that the risks of removing a tree without any prior experience or training is a considerable risk to both you and your property. 

The good news is that tree removal in Joondalup is something that we have considerable experience with so we will make it look easy for you. 

Our Arborists Servicing Joondalup

Do you have a specific tree species on your property that you are unable to identify? Perhaps you want a tree removing entirely but you suspect that it might be a protected species? Or maybe you simply want some advice on how best to care for the trees in your home? Whatever the case, our arborists servicing Joondalup have years of collective experience and a thorough understanding of the many tree species that can be found throughout the region – both native and otherwise. 

In other words, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more suitable solution to your tree care and maintenance requirements so if you are in need of certified arborist services in Joondalup pick up the phone and contact us today for more information. 

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