If you need any help with your tree care and maintenance in the Hillarys area, Lakeside Trees and Stumps is the company for you. Our experienced arborists are happy to take care of your tree lopping, pruning and removal needs in a quick and efficient way whenever you need us. 

We provide domestic and commercial services at an affordable price, and our highly skilled team are proud to offer a wide range of services to help improve the health and look of your trees.

Tree Lopping in Hillarys

If you find that your tree is growing out of control, taking up too much space or becoming irritating or even dangerous, you may need someone who offers tree lopping in Hillarys. While it can be tempting to go around lopping off branches yourself, it can end up being harmful to the tree – and to you if you aren’t properly trained and using the right equipment.

Our Hillary-based arborists know how to carry out tree lopping in a way that doesn’t deprive the tree of nutrients while also giving you the look that you desire.

Tree Pruning in Hillarys

Pruning your trees can seem fairly straightforward with some plants, while with others it can be much more complicated. You have to know the right time to do it, how much to cut and what to leave, and this can differ for each tree on your property.

At Lakeside Trees and Stumps, our arborists are here to help with your tree pruning in Hillarys, as well as to offer you advice and information as and when you need it.

Tree Removal in Hillarys

If you need someone to help with tree removal in Hillarys, we pride ourselves on being the best for the job. We understand that when you need a tree removed, you need it done right away, in the right way. Whether you want a tree removed for aesthetics, because it is a hazard, or to create space for something else, we will take care of it for you.

Our arborists are highly trained and skilled to remove trees safely and efficiently, without leaving unsightly and dangerous stumps behind. It is so important to remove the whole of the tree to prevent accidents and injuries, as well as to make it easier to plant or build something else in its place.

Our Arborists Servicing Hillarys

At Lakeside Trees and Stumps, our arborists boast more than 15 years of experience working with trees and people in the Hillarys area, and we consider ourselves experts in both. We give the highest levels of customer service as well as the best possible tree care at all times, as you can tell from our glowing customer reviews.

We are fully trained, certified and insured so that you can feel comfortable knowing everything is taken care of, and to the best of our expert ability. With Lakeside Trees and Stumps you don’t have to worry about a thing. From an initial quote through to a thorough clean-up before we leave, our arborists are here for all your tree-care needs. 

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