Of course, there are many reasons to want a tree removing from your property. Perhaps it has died or diseased and posing a threat to your other plant life. Maybe you’re building a granny flat in your garden and need to clear the way. Whatever the case, Lakeside Trees and Stumps can assist you. Our tree removal and tree lopping services in Greenwood are unparalleled. We’re fast, professional and precise with every job that we take on and would be more than happy to assist you with your problematic trees!

Hire Professional Tree Lopping Services In Greenwood

One of the dangers with tree lopping and removal, is not having the correct equipment or experience to pull it off properly. Many people attempt it in order to save money on hiring the professionals, and often, it can go wrong. Trees are incredibly heavy and somewhat unpredictable. Once a felled tree starts falling in a certain direction, there will be nothing that you can do to stop it. However, a professional tree lopping service delivered by a team of seasoned professionals ensures that the tree falls in the desired direction and is subsequently removed from the property safely and with careful consideration. In addition to that, stump grinding is a service that we offer, so you won’t be left with an unsightly, nuisance of a stump once the tree has been felled.

Our Greenwood Tree Removal Services

For more information regarding our services, or to get yourself booked in for an appointment, simply contact us today. Our friendly team will receive your call and assist you appropriately.