Tree Lopping, Pruning and Removal Services by Arborists in Edgewater

Lakeside Trees and Stumps are leading arborists servicing the wonderful community of Edgewater and the surrounding suburbs. Located in Western Australia, Edgewater is known for its abundance of natural beauty and lush greenery…which is where we come in!

At Lakeside Trees and Stumps, it is our job to enhance the aesthetics, health, and safety of our local environment through proper tree care and maintenance – and our skilled arborists are dedicated to providing superior-quality tree lopping, pruning, and removal services tailored to you

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    Tree Lopping in Edgewater

    Tree lopping refers to the selective removal of branches or limbs to improve a tree’s health, manage its future growth, or to enhance its safety. Our experienced arborists in Edgewater will happily assist with the following:

    • Removing dead, damaged, or diseased branches to promote better health for your trees.
    • Reducing tree size and density to prevent overcrowding and to ensure the proper distribution of sunlight and airflow.
    • Mitigating any potential hazards by eliminating unstable branches that pose a risk.

    Tree Pruning in Edgewater

    Proper tree pruning is essential for maintaining the structural integrity and aesthetic charm of the trees on your property. Our arborists in Edgewater are skilled in the art of tree pruning and can provide the following services:

    • Crown thinning: Refers to the removal of select branches in order to increase light penetration and reduce wind resistance.
    • Crown raising: This is the process of removing lower branches to create clearance for buildings, vehicles, or people.
    • Crown shaping: Shaping trees to enhance their natural form and promote strong and healthy future growth.

    Tree Removal in Edgewater

    While we would always prefer to try and preserve a tree, we understand that it isn’t always possible to do so. Fortunately, our team is equipped to handle tree removal in Edgewater safely and efficiently (including stump grinding). Here are some instances in which tree removal may be necessary:

    • Dead or dying trees: Removing trees that are beyond saving in order to prevent potential hazards. 
    • Diseased or pest-infested trees: Getting rid of any trees that pose a risk of spreading diseases or pests to other nearby trees on your property. 

    Construction or landscaping projects: If you need to clear space for new structures, renovations, or landscaping.

    Our Arborists Servicing Edgewater

    So, why choose Lakeside Trees and Stumps? What’s in it for you?

    • Knowledge & Expertise: Our arborists have a deep understanding of trees and know how best to care for a wide variety of different species. 
    • Attention to detail: We take great pride in delivering meticulous and precise tree care services to ensure the best possible outcomes for you. 
    • Safety and professionalism: Our team goes through rigorous training in order to be able to safely protect you, your property, and themselves while on the job. 

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    Whether you need tree lopping, tree pruning, or tree removal services in Edgewater, Lakeside Trees and Stumps is at your disposal. 

    Simply contact us today and one of our friendly representatives will happily answer any questions you may have and arrange for you to receive a free, no-obligation quotation.