City Beach, as it is rather aptly named, is a beachside suburb in Perth, situated within the Town of Cambridge in Western Australia.

This charming seaside suburb is made up of three key sections; the north, the south, and the centre. The central section of City Beach was built back in the early 1960s prior to the Commonwealth Games. It was initially established as an ‘athlete’s village’ given its strategic proximity to the world-famous Perry Lakes Stadium in the neighbouring Floreat region. Today, it’s a bustling residential area with two major beaches (Floreat Beach and City Beach), a multitude of grass green parks, and a large bush area with popular hiking trails.

One of the most notable things about the City Beach of today is its popularity with surfers. The surfing conditions are widely considered as being reasonably well suited to beginner and intermediate surfers which attracts people from all over the neighbouring suburbs.

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    If you are a City Beach resident and you have trees on your property that need properly tending to, the team at Lakeside Trees and Stumps have been providing professional arborist services throughout the region for many years. If you’d like to know more about the various services on offer, read on and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

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    Tree Lopping in City Beach

    Tree lopping in City Beach is ideal for property owners whose trees are growing a little wild and unruly. Perhaps they are growing dangerously close to some neighbouring power lines and you are concerned about the potential damage they might cause, or maybe you simply have a few large trees that are obstructing the view from your home and you’d like them lopped back accordingly. Whatever the case, our arborists can carefully lop your trees back into shape without causing irreparable damage.

    Tree Pruning in City Beach

    Tree pruning is similar to lopping, only it is less focused on the aesthetics, and more geared towards taking care of the tree’s needs. For example, if a tree on your property has a few dead or dying limbs that pose a health hazard, they can be carefully trimmed back and removed before any unnecessary damage is caused. Similarly, pruning can be used to reduce a tree in size, without removing too many of the limbs at one time (which can seriously injure the tree – often beyond the point of recovery).

    If you love the trees on your property and are committed to keeping them happy and healthy, tree pruning in City Beach is the service for you.

    Tree Removal in City Beach

    Whether you want a tree removed in City Beach because you need to clear space for a construction project on your property; you have an invasive species of tree that is using up far too many vital nutrients to the detriment of your other trees and plants; or you simply want to replace it for a more preferable tree species, the team at Lakeside Trees and Stumps have all of the training and expertise necessary to fell and remove a tree carefully and with zero risk.

    In addition to that, we have stump grinding equipment that can make short work of those unsightly and hazardous stumps once the trees have been successfully removed, thus leaving your property clean and unobstructed.

    Our Arborists Servicing City Beach

    Our arborists have been servicing residents in City Beach and the surrounding suburbs for many years and in that time we’ve established a reputation for delivering a superior service at fair and affordable prices. Whether you need to hire us to prune and care for your trees, remove them entirely, or you simply need some help and advice with identifying a tree species and properly caring for it, simply contact us today and we will happily help you in any way we can.